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Our monthly meetings venue is the Function Room Building at Blidworth Miners Welfare and parking is free courtesy of the Welfare Management Committee.
The Blidworth and District Historical & Heritage Society continues to meet on the 1st Tuesday of each month with a starting time of 7pm and the meetings normally end at 9pm.
All members and non members are very welcome to participate.

Feb 7th 2017 This evening we have a visit from Adrian Henstock who will be talking to us about House Detectives. This talk describes historical documents and architectural clues that are used to trace the history of mills, pubs, houses, etc. Several case histories are used to illustrate their building history & the lives of the people who lived in them

March 7th 2017 Mr. Michael Harrison M.A. will give us the benefit of his experiences with a talk entitled "A Trading Voyage on the River Trent"
The evening will also include our Societies' Annual General Meeting.

April 4th 2017 Ian Morgan is always one of our favorite speakers and this talk is entitled  "Inspector Hopkinson’s Discovery"
The sad and tragic tale of one night’s events in 1895. You are the jury in this true story of murder.

May 2nd 2017 A talk by Mr David Amos entitled "DH Lawrence & Eastwood Connection"
Many of the local haunts which Lawrence used in his work will be included in this talk.

June 6th 2017 A History of Newark Air Museum by Mr. Howard Heeley.
From such humble beginnings the museum has grown into one of the top volunteer-run aviation museums in the country.

July 4th 2017 Kevin Winter talks us through the Battle of Stoke Field.
The last major engagement of the Wars of the Roses took place at the Battle of Stoke Field, near the town of Newark

Aug 1st 2017.  Peter Hammond is a qualified and experienced archaeologist and his talk entitled "WellWellWell" is the story of Nottingham's caves and wells, their uses and some of the finds discovered in them

Sept 5th 2017  Retired Museum curator and archaeologist, now freelance lecturer and writer with interests mainly in Leicestershire Archaeology Mr. Peter Liddle entertains us with
"The Death & Burial of Richard III"
Hear the fascinating story of Richard III and his final resting place.

Oct 3rd 2017 Bob Massey returns, this time, a light hearted talk about "Nottingham on sea" 
A sketch history of Nottinghamshire folk and their favorite seaside town.

Nov 7th 2017 Mr. Colin Hobday on "Derbyshire Delights"
 From the highest crags to streams and ponds with a lot of historical information, he shows a variety of lovely slides and even gives advice on the best coffee shops!

Dec 5th 2017 This will also be our end of year meeting with all the usual festivities and exhibits and an opportunity to reflect on 2017

Jan 2nd 2018 Carol Lovejoy Edwards, Author and historian, talks about her publication "Mansfield and the Great War"
The Duke and Duchess  of Portland often held house parties for their friends who included the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Lord Kitchener - one whose death triggered the war and the other who lost his life on a ship halfway through the war.

Feb 6th. Adrian Henstock "By the Sword Divided" 
The story of Nottinghamshire during the English Civil War,

March 6th. Members of the Laxton Historical Society will talk us through their publication "Laxton in Peace and War' A snapshot in time of a Nottinghamshire village 1900-1920
The evening will also include our Societies' Annual General Meeting.

Our monthly meetings usually begin with a welcome and any formal announcements from our Chairman followed by a main speaker as shown above. An opportunity to chat with the speaker and ask questions etc is then available during the refreshment break. At this time we usually have any new photographs and documents on display along with our library of books written by local authors that are available for members to borrow free of charge. Finally we finish with a short talk on local interest given by one of our members complemented with slides displayed on a large screen. How we fit all this into 2 hours is still a mystery.
Please continue to bring along any photos, documents etc that you may have that could be relevant to the past of our area. We have the facilities available to make copies and return the originals if you wish.