The 5th March 2019 was the date of our Annual General Meeting and it was well attended by 26 of our members. After the minutes from the AGM of 2018 were read and duly signed, the Chairman, Alan Higgins spoke about the foundations of the society. We are now in our tenth year and remain one of the most popular local history societies in the county. Special mention was made of Eric and Sheila Hall who have been members of the Society since its inception. During that time Eric has been Treasurer and 'Speaker Finder' and both have been responsible for updating our photo boards. The Society, having had a number of 'homes' during this time, remains grateful for the hospitality of the 'Miners Welfare' which allows us to use the 'Function Room' of the Welfare on a regular basis.

We continue to participate in local functions such as the Summer Fayre held at the 'Welfare' and at various events held at the 'Sherwood Forest Community Church'. We are also planning to feature the Society at the Nottinghamshire Local History Fair to be held at Mansfield Library on 12th May. 'Blidworth and the First World War', written by Committee members John and Dale Smallwood for the Society, continues to sell well and has been purchased by people with an interest in Blidworth and district, from all over the world. We also continue to answer questions raised by people who have an interest in Blidworth and district but live away and have been helpful to many who live in Australasia or the Americas. We were able to give a significant donation towards the First Word War statue of 'Tommy' which stands close to the war memorial on Main Street and have added a commemorative plaque to the planter that stands adjacent to the Tesco car park, to James Prior the author, who wrote the book about the people of Sherwood called 'Forest Folk'. We are grateful to 'Offscreen Graphics' of Blidworth who kindly donated the plaque. Our website remains popular and is currently undergoing a revamp. In his final comments the Chairman thanked recently retired Committee members Margaret Marais, Gordon Turner and Helen Tuska for their support of the Society.

In his report treasurer Eric said that membership of the Society was holding up well with currently 43 members and an average of 29 members regularly attending. He said that the annual member's subscription rate would remain at £5 and that £2 would remain as the meeting fee. This was in spite of the increasing cost of our speakers.

Finally the Secretary said that as there were no new nominations for the Committee, the present members and post holders had agreed to remain. These were as follows; Chairman, Alan Higgins, Treasurer, Eric Hall, Vice Chairman, Dale Smallwood, Secretary, John Smallwood and members Sheila Hall, Alan Ormston and Jayne Williams.

After the break Steve Wright gave a presentation entitled 'Beautiful Britain'. Steve told us that his father had been a locomotive driver for British Railways and as he and his family had free travel by train, they spent their holidays travelling the length and breadth of the country enjoying and photographing our country's spectacular scenery. Steve has continued this tradition and was able to show us many beautiful photographs taken of seascapes, mountains and other scenes that made you wonder why we ever bother going abroad when we have such wonderful things to see within our own land, and here we see Blidworth's contribution to Beautiful Britain

This picture is reproduced by kind permission of Carol Ann Russell and was taken on the Blidworth Bull Piece looking towards the Mill that stands opposite St. Mary's Church.

Our next 3 meetings are;

·        April 2nd - David Amos and his talk, ' The Bi-Centenary of the Mansfield & Pinxton Railway 1819-1019'.

·        May 7th - An old favourite, Bob Massey with “Gone but not forgotten”

·        June 4th - Peter Hammond, 'Joseph Wooley and his Diary of a Framework Knitter'.

Our meetings are in the Function Room of the Blidworth Welfare. Doors are open at 6.45 pm and ample parking is available. New members are always welcome; just turn up on the night. There is a small charge on the door of £2 to cover refreshments. Our book, 'Blidworth and the First World War' can be purchased from Blidworth Library Tel. 01623677200, 'Salon 68', 68a Kirklington Road, Rainworth Tel. 01623795511 and 'Busy Bees' Mansfield Road, Blidworth, Tel. 01623793868  at a cost of £10 Email: