April 7th     Bob Massey

W.H.Higginbottom. Nottingham Architect


May 5th      Laura Binns   

Trent & Peak Arch.-Nottingham Tram Works.

June 2nd  Howard Healey,           

Collecting Aeroplanes   

July 7th , Ian Morgan

Pestilence, Intrigue & Murder

August 4th,   Stephen Flinders

Terror from the Skies

September 1st,    Robert Mee,

Nottinghamshire Castles

October 6th    David Templeman,

Mary Queen of Scots-The Captive Queen

November 3rd, Peter Hammond,

Wm .Booth, Methodist & Philanthropist

December 1st,     

John Lower

Chesterfield Canal & Christmas Meeting


January 5th,       LilyAnn Dawes

Britain’s lost Treasures

February 2nd, John North,

Derbyshire Well Dressings

March 2nd,

Kevin Robson,

Mansfield Trams. Also our Society's AGM