Festival of Archaeology 2020 In July and October!

October events see below.

In response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Council for British Archaeology (CBA) has decided to make some changes to the 2020 CBA Festival of Archaeology and it will now be taking place in two parts with a series of digital events in July and on the ground events in October.
We know that many people look forward to the Festival each July so we have decided to hold a week of digital activity to ensure everyone can still enjoy the Festival despite the current social distancing measures. The second week in October will provide the opportunity to participate in on the ground Festival events and activities around the UK and attending events in your local area is a great way to support the local groups, charities, museums and heritage organisations that have been affected by  coronavirus.   
This year’s Festival theme is Climate and Environment  and we’ll  be offering a range of events ,  activities  and competitions in July and October  that will help you discover more about  archaeology, climate change and the environment  we live in. 

Digital events 11-19 July

The first part of the Festival will  take place  from the 11-19 July and will be 9 days of digital activity designed to help people explore archaeology from home. There will be a range of events including A Day in Archaeology  and  Ask an Archaeologist Day  alongside  new events from the CBA and  the  Shout Out Loud  project. There will be  new  opportunities  each day  for  you  to get creative  with  and inspired  by archaeology  online.   Second part 14/10/20, see below

On the ground events 14 October – 1 November

The second part of the Festival will run from 14 October – 1 November and will be an opportunity to get out and discover some incredible archaeology. Over 9 days,  the CBA and event organisers around the UK will be offering a wide range of opportunities to participate from talks and walks to hands on activities, skills training and family-friendly fun. 

Keep in touch  

We will be updating the Festival of Archaeology website  regularly  with news and event details  and we will also be launching the first of this year’s Festival competitions in the coming weeks. To keep up to date with all the latest news  you can sign up for our e-newsletter  or get in touch with your questions by emailing us at  festival@archaeologyuk.org .   

See the CBA Festival Website for more details: https://festival.archaeologyuk.org/ 

April 7th     Bob Massey

W.H. Higginbottom. Nottingham Architect


May 5th      Laura Binns   

Trent & Peak Arch.-Nottingham Tram Works.

June 2nd  Howard Healey,           

Collecting Aeroplanes   

July 7th , Ian Morgan

Pestilence, Intrigue & Murder

August 4th,   Stephen Flinders

Terror from the Skies

September 1st,  Robert Mee,

Nottinghamshire Castles

October 6th    David Templeman,

Mary Queen of Scots-The Captive Queen

November 3rd, Peter Hammond,

Wm .Booth, Methodist & Philanthropist

December 1st,     

John Lower

Chesterfield Canal & Christmas Meeting


January 5th,       LilyAnn Dawes

Britain’s lost Treasures

February 2nd, John North,

Derbyshire Well Dressings

March 2nd,

Kevin Robson,

Mansfield Trams. Also our Society's AGM